About Us

Women and Wealth

Women and Wealth recognise the true potential of a woman and seek to inspire women to take action. We empower women to seek financial freedom to live the life they choose. Our symbol is inspired by the flower of life; the overlapping of circles signifying the true nature of women; forever blooming. We believe that as women invest to build their own lives; they re-shape the circles of lives around them. Our purpose is to give women the right tools and techniques to design the life they want to live.

What is wealth to a woman?
Wealth to a woman means having the freedom to choose; choose how she lives; choose what she does with her time and money; choose to invest in her dreams. This is what wealth means to us and this is what we want to help create for all women.

Wealth to us is developing conscious happiness and balance.. every woman deserves the right to a life by design.

Meet Billie Christofi

Billie Christofi has worked in financial services since 2011 and over the course of her career has seen the impacts of women left in hardship from unexpected circumstances, or lack of planning. It is important to educate ourselves as young as possible and take action towards making changes to our priorities and putting our financial independence at the top of that list. Billie understood the importance of investing from a young age and sought advice from mentors who taught her the value of investing. Billie has built an investment portfolio that has helped her reach her goals and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Billie has a passion for learning, spending time in nature, and teaching her daughters to be strong, confident females.

Meet Penny Votsaris

Penny Votsaris has worked in the investment industry for many years and has seen thousands of women find financial security through investing in property. Working as a CFO for many years Penny understands how important financial structure is in every area of life. She has seen the need for women to be involved and understand their finances. Penny’s mission is to help women take ownership of their current situation and to take the necessary steps to achieve financial freedom. Penny has a love for dancing, long walks around the botanical gardens, cooking amazing healthy dishes and spending time with her family.

Wealth to us is developing conscious happiness and balance!