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Your Mindset Can Save You Money

Your mind holds the power to your thought processes which impact so many decisions. By becoming more in control of our thoughts and processing them before reacting to them, we can take better charge of our lives.

We’ve become more and more unconscious with our spending as funds are becoming more and more readily available. No need to wait to get paid or go to a bank, with the ability to access your pay in advance, or just tapping your card, spending money has never been easier. The only way to gain back control is to become conscious with our money habits. The more we think about a purchase the more we can identify whether it is something we need or something we are buying on impulse or satisfying a need that could be fulfilled another way.

It takes time to break habits, but by working on making small incremental changes on a daily basis, will build into bigger accomplishments over the long term. While we might think that advertising leads us to a lot of our impulses, from food we consume to impulse shopping – it’s really not the advertising that has control but how our thoughts respond to what they see, that holds the power. This is where mindset becomes our greatest tool to overcome those thoughts.

Ask yourself what is the need before making the purchase. A lot of our spending comes unconsciously – if we are more conscious of our behaviour we will automatically cut back on a lot of unnecessary spending. Take the time before making a purchase to identify the need you are fulfilling and wait it out – a lot of the impulses will pass with time.

Saving money doesn’t necessarily mean we have to work harder, we just need to become more conscious and smarter with the money we make.