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Women and Guilt

Guilt can hold us back from doing the things that we want to do in life and from being who we truly want to be. Society has a way of making us feel guilty about everything that we do for ourselves. From how we’ve been raised, to the movies we watch, expectations are formed, and guilt sets in our minds.

Expectations and Timelines

We live in a society that weights us with so many expectations and timelines. From marriage to having kids, to how we look and how we express ourselves. These constant unrealistic expectations can leave us overwhelmed and can cause us to lose sight of who we are.

Asking for help

We shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for help, it doesn’t mean we failed or that we are not good enough, yet we are made to feel that way. Asking for help because we are juggling so much, such as; taking care of children, nurturing relationships, running a household while also being career-driven and independent women, is not something we should feel guilty about.  

It’s ok

It’s ok to say no sometimes. It’s ok to say what you think without having to apologise. It’s ok to make your well-being a priority and set healthy boundaries. Create your life based on your timeline and make yourself a priority by investing in yourself. We work hard in our everyday lives, always putting others first and we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, a little self-care is exactly what we need.

Every woman has the right to decide who she wants to be and choose the life she wants to live. Liberate yourself from the pressure’s that society has set on you, it is your life, you deserve to live it on your terms.